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Embracing innovation in the legal field is not new – in fact, it’s now a necessity to keep up with the competition and meet client demands. But how do you get your team to embrace change?

Here are a few ways in which you can help your firm adopt new legal technology.

Understand the user experience

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The last 10 years have seen a shift in how legal services are delivered as the market becomes more data-driven, transparent and fragmented, according to Kirsten Maslen, director of small law and academic at Thomson Reuters.

Seddons is an SME law firm based in London’s west end. It advises UK and international clients on a range of specialisms including residential and commercial real estate, family law, corporate law and immigration, among others. The firm hopes to further build on its practice areas in the coming years, improving both its service delivery and profitability.

You are aware your IT environment is not all it should be, and it’s holding back your business. So you call in the consultants or invite a number of managed IT service providers to pitch solutions that will resolve your problems.

You and your management team sit through all the presentations and hear what can be done. You understand how doing something – changing this or switching that – will make all the difference to your business.

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Cash remains king in professional services firms, with poor cashflow being the largest contributor to the failure of law firms in recent times.

Lockup therefore continues to be a hot topic, as the amount of cash tied up in either work-inprogress (WIP), or debtors, directly impacts the ability of partners to draw profits. It can also threaten the very existence of firms.

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In the wake of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Making Tax Digital, law firms are now facing yet another wave of regulatory change. The Legal Services Board has approved changes proposed by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) under its ‘Looking to the Future’ programme. Included within the changes is a new set of accounting rules, which come into effect on 25th November 2019.

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Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors has chosen Pay As You Go legal document bundling software from Zylpha (, for use with their LEAP case management system. Zylpha significantly reduces the time taken to produce document bundles, enabling more time to be spent with clients.

When done properly devolving selected, routine HR work to department managers and team leaders is likely to result in efficiencies, cost savings and performance improvement all of which can add up to competitive advantage. 

For example, when managers not necessarily trained in HR, are given cloud based tools such as leave management dashboards which they can log into on desktop or mobile, good things happen:

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The rise of more and more virtual organisational models for law firms has kicked off a disruption of the traditional fundamentals of the legal sector.

Driven by the need to be closer to clients, reduce overhead and retain talent, firmsare seeing huge benefits in adopting virtual ways of working and, in many cases, starting out with a completely virtual model.

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