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The future of client listening is exciting. This cornerstone of revenue growth saw some dramatic changes during 2020. With remote working impacting both clients and firms, Marketing & Client Care teams looked for more agile and scalable ways to anticipate changing needs.

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We’re thrilled to announce, the Conscious Comedy Club is back for Lockdown #3. Four fabulous comedians & 100 lucky law firm people will also get a pack of three NIO cocktails to enjoy on the night.


Almost every law firm currently using CRM and other marketing and business development software is looking for ways to increase the ROI on these technology investments. In the pursuit of success with technology, sometimes learning what NOT to do from people who have dealt with challenges can be more instructive than hypothetical discussions about what you could or should do.

When it comes to divining the hidden secrets of Google’s core search algorithm and how that affects ranking in the local search pack, there is no user manual with instructions to follow. Even if there were, it would become outdated almost as soon as it was published. The “art” of SEO is to notice trends and patterns in the data and rankings and to formulate strategies that are favourable to Google’s preferred ranking signals.

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2020 was a year of change. Client needs & expectations changed. How firms deliver services to their clients changed.

But has the way you listen to your clients evolved at the same pace?

The changing face of client listening

We know about firms that are adopting continuous client listening, to keep their finger on the pulse. They are discovering how the world is looking and how priorities are changing for their clients.

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As we stepped into 2020 it was a year for ‘growth’. 2019 had been a ‘not muck it up’ year after the MBO at the start of the year. Now in 2020, we were ready to accelerate our marketing and seriously grow the business. We had also picked Cancer Research as our charity of the year just before the 2019 Christmas break, but goodness me, what a year to pick!

In January and February, we had two new team members join the business in each of those months. Bless them, they have all spent more time working at home this year than in the office!

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On a standard Google results page, the available real estate in a local map pack is restricted to just three local Google My Business (GMB) listings. This obviously means that the space is highly contested and much fought over.

Ranking in one of the top three positions can make or break a local business in many industries, and as a result there are plenty of businesses who have been willing to bend or break Google’s own rules in attempts to game the system.

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On 3-Dec Google announced it was rolling out its first algorithm core update since the May 2020 core update. Many observers felt the update rolled out quickly, but as of 10-Dec Google has confirmed that the update is still rolling out.

Winning new business is a top challenge for professional services firms. Most firms invest heavily into business development efforts, but losing opportunities can be costly and have a detrimental impact to the growth of the firm. To grow firm revenues and drive competitive advantage, overcoming educational roadblocks in the business development process is the key to winning more business.

So, why is winning new business so difficult for professional services firms and how can your firm correct course?

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Stay Ahead of the Curve in Today’s Professional Services Landscape

Where there is challenge, there is opportunity. Find the opportunities that are lurking beneath the surface for your professional services firm with these tips from leading professional services experts.

Professional services firms face a lot of challenges. For starters:

72% of professional services firms believe that attracting and developing new business is their top challenge

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