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Muckle LLP targets strategic shift towards true operational excellence

Award-winning national law firm, Muckle LLP has invested extensively in BigHand’s portfolio of technology solutions as part of a strategic shift towards an operationally optimised support function and a culture of true financial control.

At the beginning of April 2019, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) published its 72 page thematic report into the residential conveyancing market, which our team of experts have reviewed. 


The document management system (DMS) is a central component of a firm’s IT systems. When looking to upgrade, a robust test approach will provide confidence that the new system will work effectively.

Whether a firm is implementing iManage, NetDocuments, Sharepoint or another option, it is rare that the DMS will operate in isolation. There are likely to be many integrations into a firm’s other systems. These integrations can be for external systems to store or retrieve documents, to update or create folder structures, or to manage permissions.

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LegalRM Limited is an acknowledged expert in this field. Chris Giles, founder, and CEO stated: “We were delighted to add this integration to our market-leading, secure and cloud-based information governance platform for law firms, which is now based on Microsoft Azure.

SeeUnity, a leading provider of content integration and migration solutions for on-premise and cloud-based Enterprise Content Management applications, is pleased to announce today the release of product extensions to support the new iManage Work 10 web application.  iManage is a leading provider of work product management for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms such as accounting and financial services.

As legal businesses have grown, merged, dispersed and outsourced, one challenge for lawyers remains – finding exactly the information they need in time for it to make the optimum difference.

Whether that’s serving an existing client in a new way, or winning a profitable new one, approach to knowledge management (KM) is key. However, KM may well need some radical transformation all of its own, says Aderant executive vice president Chris Cartrett.

This month, I would like to consider how collaboration can impact organisational working relationships and where it could and should lead. How do leaders of organisations embrace a collaborative working mentality?

The word collaboration derives from the Latin com and laborare (to work together). In simple terms, it means working with someone to produce something. It is also defined to as “traitorous cooperation with an enemy”, but in this article I am going to assume we will not need to investigate collaborating with our enemies!

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