Nobody wants to buy a property only to find soon afterwards that there is going to be a development or change in infrastructure which could severely affect the use and enjoyment of the property as well as its value. Solicitors have always carried out local authority, CON 29, searches - but these provide very little information outside of the subject property. This session provides conveyancers with the latest planning policies and legislation and planning changes and their potential impact on properties.

3 steps to eliminating the blocks that keep most small practice owners working too hard for too little profit.

In this no-cost online seminar you will discover:

Question Time – join us to ask us the pressing questions regarding developing your applications!

WEBINAR: Security, productivity and more - why it’s essential to share sensitive files in a more unified, collaborative way.

While most organisations that deliver legal services to their clients have a document management system in place, when it comes to sharing and working together on sensitive documents, gaps in security and productivity still exist.

With the implementation of GDPR nearly upon us, if you haven't already done so, then now is the time to take action.

In this webinar, you will have the chance to discover what changes we have made to our software to comply with the new regulations.

Hosted by our Managing Director, Osman Ismail, you will enjoy a session covering:

  • What you need to do to prepare for GDPR
  • What changes we have made to our software
  • How you can use our software to show that you are compliant.

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In modern timekeeping, key forces demand law firm management’s attention.

Price competition, commoditisation of legal work, alternate service providers, compliance and e-billing, P3 (Pricing, Project management and Process) initiatives, and consumer-based technologies have all changed the game.

And, while these pressures may cause us to question everything related to time capture, there are certain truths which we hold self-evident.

How can your employees use file shares and collaboration tools while still maintaining security and governance initiatives?  

Join us for 30 minutes while we explore: 

Todd Gerstein, our CEO & Founder, will demonstrate Smart Time 5 as he offers up tips and strategies to improve law firm timekeeping.

For a law firm, effective timekeeping is fundamental. If your legacy timekeeping system is difficult to use, lacks functionality, is missing a module, or is simply outdated, your firm’s efficiency—and profitability—can be negatively impacted.

With less than 3 months to go until the new GDPR legislation is in place, light reading on the subject matter is simply not enough to become compliant. That’s why we’ve put together a FREE GDPR webinar, to guide you through the ins and outs of this new law and how intuitive HR software can help.

We’re less than 80 days away from the GDPR compliance deadline and many businesses are still unsure about various aspects surrounding GDPR — especiallywhat’s required and where to start.

If you’re seeking these answers, or want to get to the bottom of what GDPR compliance meets for your business, join our webinar for more insight.

The 30-minute session will take a look at these GDPR questions and address:

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