Consultants! Join us on our webinar to see the latest developments to the DPS Software range of products.

We'll be talking about the Spitfire ecosystem and how it integrates with other products and point solutions to make your clients more efficient, enhance their clients' journey and generally improve their practice.


11:00 - Welcome to the webinar and general introduction

11:10 - The Spitfire ecosystem & Spitfire

Register for this webinar to learn how to protect staff from disclosing confidential or sensitive information over email. Discover why removing metadata from attachments and having users confirm all recipients are correct can reduce financial risk and ensure compliance with regulations like the CCPA and the GDPR.

While many firms have a common goal in mind – connecting with clients in ways to drive growth – the journey to accomplish this goal is anything but common. Every firm has hurdles to overcome – from data quality issues to siloed systems and teams. Learn how your firm can overcome its challenges by joining us in this webinar series.

Information Risk Management is an evolving landscape and organisations must also comply with ever increasing regulations around privacy and retention of data. Having a solution that allows advanced capabilities to manage both physical and electronic records with a central interface where users and administrators can set governance policies, retention periods and disposition rules is critical to a modern compliance and governance stance.

Join this webinar to understand the full capabilities of iManage Records Manager, including;

Join us for this hour session, where the industry experts will look at what risk cybercrime posing for the property market and what measures could be put in place to help protect businesses, clients and the transactions.

Our chair for this event will be Angela Edwards, Director of Circle2Success Ltd

Our guest speakers are;

The legal market has settled into what is now normal. Adjustments have been made to accommodate a distributed workforce, paperless is now standard, and travel has all but ceased. With all of this now in place, what impact will this have on profitability six months, or a year, from now?

Join our panel of profitability experts for insights into the impact of this crisis on your law firm’s profitability past the initial and emergent “recovery” phase, and into the longterm ramifications.

We are going through a period of unprecedented uncertainty, requiring more visibility into the health of your business. Circumstances are changing rapidly, and it’s vital that law firms analyse data daily to identify trends, risks, and opportunities.Our newest Iridium BI product, the “Daily Insights Tracker,” was built with this in mind.

Your business users need the flexibility to perform their work from anywhere at anytime. This demands secure interaction with critical content in an environment that allows users to create, share, collaborate, and manage access. Cloud technology is helping organizations with globalization requirements, cost containment, operational agility, and infrastructure modernization.

Law firms worldwide are embracing innovation, and knowledge management leaders are central to helping them adapt to an increasingly competitive marketplace. To understand how law firms are transforming themselves from the inside out, Nuix engaged Ari Kaplan Advisors to fuel a discussion with KM leaders in six countries. We examined strategies for reimagining the delivery of legal services, the impact of technology on that shift, and how firms are embracing a fluid, ever-growing information landscape.

Gareth Ash, deputy CIO at Hogan Lovells and for years the man who put A&O on the technology road to greatness, will join Briefing’s editor-in-chief, Richard Brent and NetDocs’ VP for international business Guy Phillips.

These are unprecedented times – there is no ‘rule book’ for this. No one has the answer and we are still in the midst of it. So, visions of the future are wide open. Some of the areas Gareth and the panel will be discussing will include: 

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