In today's changing regulatory and investor landscape, Information Security Plans are critical for alternative investment management firms to comply with SEC regulations, due diligence requests and state laws.

Please join us on Wednesday, June 6th to hear from Matt Donahue, Business Continuity Consultant and Steve Banda, Senior Product Manager from Eze Castle Integration to learn:

  • What is an Information Security Plan?
  • Why is it necessary to have an Information Security Plan?
  • What are 9 steps to create an Information Security Plan?


Market benchmarks indicate that Travel & Entertainment (T&E) expenses are a firm’s #2 indirect cost with a run rate of 1-12% of annual revenues. Many project and client-based professional services firms struggle with disjointed processes for capturing, tracking and reconciling client billable T&E, and that leads to highly inefficient workflows that add significant additional hidden costs. We invite you to join this webinar on June 12th at 19:00 BST when speakers will discuss:

InfoTrack has partnered with compliance experts Riliance to bring property professionals a free webinar on GDPR.

With the imminent introduction of GDPR on 25th May, Brian Rogers, Director of Regulation & Compliance Services for Riliance will take attendees through the following:

In today’s business environment, IT compliance is on everyone’s agenda. But often it’s not as simple as just achieving it. Compliance requires an ongoing commitment to keeping your organisation on the right track. Yes, you may encounter challenges, but the benefits of remaining in compliance are significant.

What if we told you there was a solution that could proactively manage and monitor all your IT compliance requirements, saving your teams hours of work and alerting you to compliance regulation risks?

NetDocuments and SeeUnity respond to one of the legal market’s top challenges of increasing technology adoption while improving data governance and security.

Being able to compare files, or things in files, is important to thousands of professionals. As we’re in the business of comparison, we wanted to show you three things you might not have seen before *plus a few fancy bits that help you understand changes. 

Many law firms are asking themselves how to continually improve; to create efficiency and deliver the best client experience.

Technology has an important role to play and law firms are adopting Legal Transaction Management tools to remain competitive in an ever-changing market that demands more for less.

Around 6.9 million – 1 in 5 properties - in the UK are at risk of subsidence with 20-25,000 subsidence claims made against insurers in an average year.

This one hour session will provide conveyancers with an overview of subsidence risk and its causes, as well as considering liability, insurance and how delegates can advise their clients of the risks along with the steps to take in order to manage them.

Programme content:

The professional services industry today is being disrupted by client demands for greater value, for enhanced protection of critical information and for new and innovative ways of working. Old approaches and incremental changes aren’t enough to address these rapidly evolving demands.

Professional Services firms are looking for a digital transformation in which new technologies and new ways of working are brought together to serve client needs in innovative and cost-efficient ways, often transforming the organization and even the markets themselves.

Nobody wants to buy a property only to find soon afterwards that there is going to be a development or change in infrastructure which could severely affect the use and enjoyment of the property as well as its value. Solicitors have always carried out local authority, CON 29, searches - but these provide very little information outside of the subject property. This session provides conveyancers with the latest planning policies and legislation and planning changes and their potential impact on properties.

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