Making Tax Digital is fast approaching. From the 1st April, it will be mandatory for all firms bringing in more than £85k in revenue (the current VAT threshold) to submit their VAT returns digitally.

More and more employers are giving their staff the opportunity to work remotely out of the office.

It is a very tempting prospect for many companies. It improves morale, can increase productivity and reduces the pressure on office space. But what are the risks? What things does an employer need to consider before they allow an employee to work remotely and most importantly, what systems will they need to be in place so that it will work effectively.

We will be discussing all of this and more in our webinar at 11am on 7th March.

Making Tax Digital - The Legal Market 


This series of webinars will demonstrate the functionality of the BASEproduct and how it will integrate with your current Advanced FMS solution. In March there will be a further series of webinars which will cover the functionality of the Full edition and how it will integrate with your current FMS solution.

Register your interest in Advanced’s Business Tax Portal to stay up to date with the latest updates in regards to Making Tax Digital.

Join us on 27th February at 12:00 for an exciting webinar to demonstrate the Tikit Partner for Windows integration with Perfect Portal.


Key benefits of the Tikit P4W and Perfect Portal integration are:

==> 360 degree solution from quote settlement

==> Automatically create a matter in P4W after instruction

==> Conflict check with P4W when adding new client details from Perfect Portal

==> Complete key milestones direct from P4W to update clients on matter progress

Did you know on average firms only convert 35% of their enquires? Join this webinar to learn how you can convert more enquires to sales and take advantage of every opportunity. We will share tips on how firms are using Perfect Portal to increase their conversion rates. 

Join this webinar to learn how Perfect Portal integrates with InfoTrack to speed up your conveyancing process.

Key integration points to be covered in this webinar: 

==> Searches pulled through when generating a quote in Perfect Portal
==> Fee scales for different search packs 
==> Data sharing between Perfect Portal and InfoTrack 
==> Direct access to Perfect Portal within InfoTrack home screen

Join this webinar to see how Perfect Portal integrates with LEAP and how you can use Key Stages within LEAP to update all parties involved with one simple click.

Key integration points to be covered in this webinar: 

==> Information that is sent to LEAP from Perfect Portal and the Website Calculator
==> LEAP Recurring Matters 
==> Fee Mapping into LEAP 
==> Proposed Completion Date 
==> Integration set up

Since the implementation of the GDPR, the legislation has had a significant impact on law firms and how they process and retain data. Clients expect organisations to be actively pursuing compliance, and being transparent and accountable in the processing of their personal information.

The ICO have already taken enforcement actions against several organisations for breaches, including the Ministry of Justice, but fines aren’t the only costly aspect, brand damage and loss of confidence from clients can have increasingly damaging results.

When it comes to cyber security there is a lot to consider, which is why working with a managed service provider like Pulsant can add great value to your business. Get access to the latest technology, expertise and cyber security solutions to ensure your organisation is protected.

In our latest webinar we’re highlighting the work we’re doing with one of our expert security partners Armor Cloud Security.

Digital transformation is currently front of mind for many professional service firms. What this means and how to get there is not always so straight forward.

Within this webinar we will discuss strategies to help your firm implement practical AI solutions to serve client needs in innovative and cost-efficient ways. We will discuss:

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