With the marketplace for legal services becoming increasingly competitive, the need for a data-backed business strategy is urgent. In this three-part webinar series, Wilson Allen’s business and analytics experts will demonstrate how finance, IT, and marketing professionals can apply advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to make better business decisions across the complete client engagement life cycle.

Be prepared with CRM as part of your disaster recovery plan.

You can’t predict when or what type of disaster is going to affect your business – or for how long. But you can be prepared. Start by joining our webinar on June 30, where we’ll discuss how to use your CRM to keep business moving and ensure you can access key data – even the face of disaster.

During the webinar, you’ll also learn more about the benefits of using CRM as part of your disaster recovery plan and its process including:

A weekly, informal virtual meetup of legal industry experts to discuss the changing tides of the legal sector and life in general. BYOB.


Your accounts team can be freed from many of the manual admin tasks that they have to complete.

With DPS Software, most of these tasks can be fully automated, making your accounts team's lives easier.

Join us on our free webinar on Thursday 30th July and see how you can automate bill and invoice generation and allocation and also make use of our Legl integration to collect payments from clients easily.

With most law firms now working from home, it makes even more sense to reduce your reliance on paper.

The last thing you want is staff taking paper files home with them. It places an unnecessary burden on your staff, is a health and safety risk for them and a data security risk for you.

Join us on our free webinar on Thursday 16th July and see how you can achieve a paperless office with DPS Spitfire.

  • How would you enhance the journey your law firm's clients take?
  • Would you speed up the process from start to finish?
  • Perhaps minimise the amount of effort the client has to put in?
  • Maybe allow them to do everything digitally?
  • How about all of these things?

Join us on our webinar on Thursday 9th July and we will show you how you could enhance your clients' journey with DPS.

Covid-19 and the lockdown have made things very difficult for conveyancers. Much throughout the conveyancing process involves face-to-face contact, which, given our current plight, isn't ideal.

However, technology can make the process slicker and easier for both you and your clients. With DPS Spitfire, you can complete the conveyancing process more efficiently, paperlessly and give your clients a better service.

Profitable practice growth secrets: How to attract more of your ideal clients and significantly increase your profits without working more hours.

If you are the owner of a solo or small law firm or other professional practice and you want to:

Consultants! Join us on our webinar to see the latest developments to the DPS Software range of products.

We'll be talking about the Spitfire ecosystem and how it integrates with other products and point solutions to make your clients more efficient, enhance their clients' journey and generally improve their practice.


11:00 - Welcome to the webinar and general introduction

11:10 - The Spitfire ecosystem & Spitfire

Register for this webinar to learn how to protect staff from disclosing confidential or sensitive information over email. Discover why removing metadata from attachments and having users confirm all recipients are correct can reduce financial risk and ensure compliance with regulations like the CCPA and the GDPR.

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