If you’re considering a move to the iManage cloud, then you’ll want to join RBRO Solutions’ CEO Howard Russell as he discusses why firms big, medium and small need to begin analysing how the cloud fits into your organization and how you should begin your approach.

Every organisation is different and unique, however some basic best practices can set a strong foundation.

Howard will discuss:

1) The Cloud migration process, challenges and solutions

We are ready to share something and some ideas about how you should go about presenting prices on your website (whether you do or do not already).

We’ve cogitated ourselves, spoken to more than a few firms already and have some ‘mockups’ to share about how you might go about this.

Eliminate the three limiting factors that keep the owners of small law firms working too hard for too little profit

In this no-cost online seminar you will discover:

  • The 3 Limiting Factors that could be stopping you from getting more clients and increasing profits and keeping you working too many hours 
  • How to use the 3 Essential Elements of a Profitable Practice to overcome these limiting factors 
  • A simple, 3 step process to plan out what you need to do next to have more clients and more profits without working more hours

Join us and Legal Mentors on Thursday, October 4th to learn how you can convert more enquiries. During this webinar, Martin Wyatt and Mike Porter of Legal Mentors will be sharing tips on how your firm can: 

==> Convert more enquires 
==> Improve profitability and
==> Build stronger relationships

Much of the common materials and guidance published about test automation assumes that there is one application being developed and looks at how automated GUI tests can be used to accelerate regression testing of the product.

The first meeting, hosted by our friends Protiviti at their London office in the Shard, on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 (9:30am–4:30pm), will focus on Practice Management Systems with the following keynote sessions: –

When confronted with unexpected business disruptions, alternative investment firms must react swiftly, methodically and successfully or else risk significant financial loss. This level of response requires extensive business continuity planning to ensure all aspects of a firm’s business are evaluated and protected.

Effective business continuity planning (BCP) can help minimize financial loss and the negative effects of disruptions on an investment firm’s strategic plans, market position, operations, and reputation.

When a cybersecurity incident happens, it is critical to act fast to minimize any inherent risk to your firm. That said, being able to act swiftly requires firms to have an Incident Response Plan in place.

Please join us on Thursday, October 18th to hear from Matt Donahue and Jeremy Ross, business continuity consultants at Eze Castle Integration to learn the steps to create a plan for before, during and after a cyber incident, including sample incidents and appropriate response steps.

In today's changing regulatory and investor landscape, Information Security Plans are critical for alternative investment management firms to comply with SEC regulations, due diligence requests and state laws.

Please join us on Thursday, October 4th to hear from Matt Donahue, business continuity consultant and Steve Banda, senior product manager from Eze Castle Integration to learn:

  • What is an information security plan and why it is necessary to have a formal plan in place?
  • What are the nine steps to create an information security plan?

How has DPS dealt with the Brabners decision? Are we prepared for Making Tax Digital? You will be able to find out all of this and more in our free one-hour webinar as you get the opportunity to ask one of our accounts training team any questions that you have about our Legal Accounting software, DPS Financial Director.

In this webinar you will have the chance to ask all of the questions you’ve ever had about our Legal Accounts software, DPS Financial Director.

If you are unable to attend, complete the form anyway and we will send you the recording.

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