The demand for home working has been on the increase for some time and in the legal sector – a profession known for its long hours at a desk, working late into the night, and dealing with clients’ most private of matters – there has been the desire to make it work.

If you are the owner of a solo or small law firm or other professional practice and you want to:

Excellence of legal advice is increasingly being seen as a ’given’ when selecting a law firm. Focus is shifting towards other elements of the client experience and in order to ensure that the end-to-end service a firm offers is a positive differentiator, everyone needs to be engaged in improving that experience.

Did you know that referral leads convert over 30% better than leads generated from other marketing channels?

During this webinar, we will cover all the features to manage and build stronger relationships with your referring Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Developers and others.

We will cover:

1. Adding & removing referrers
2. Setting up unique permissions, fee scales and email designs for referrers
3. Marketing Centre to send out campaigns and communication to all or selected referrers at once

We’re gathering together some of our favourite Business Continuity Podcast guests to review and unpack the business response to Coronavirus. Join the live audience to hear: 

  • Why is this crisis different to previous infectious disease outbreaks?
  • What could have been done to better prepare for the impact?
  • How does this change Business Continuity and Resilience?

About The BCPcast

To help law firms act in adherence to the requirements of IDD we’ll be reviewing the main requirements of the Directive, recommendations from the SRA and CLC.

This 30-minute webinar, hosted by Roy Goodman, senior underwriter at CLS Property Insight will highlight actions law firms can take to ensure compliance.

With fraud continuing to be a key topic of discussion, this webinar will explore the different types of fraud and what you can do to minimise the risk.

In this 30 minute webinar, GM of Marketing, Adam Bullion will also outline what tools InfoTrack has introduced and what is coming out to ensure conveyancers can perform the necessary due diligence before and throughout any transaction. This is a must-see for anyone working within a law firm and dealing with home movers

Exterro recently teamed up with ACEDS to ask the E-Discovery community: “How has COVID-19 Coronavirus impacted E-Discovery?” The results have helped build a picture of the impact the global pandemic is having on the E-Discovery industry, how E-Discovery professionals have adapted so far, as well as providing some indication on what changes are perceived to be likely post-coronavirus.

It’s not easy being in Privacy, Legal, or Compliance these days.

Your organisation faces increased liability risks associated with non-compliance to new and existing privacy regulations, data breaches and cybersecurity attacks. You’re tasked with demonstrating your governance and compliance efforts while also minimising legal risk, reducing costs and improving productivity across your legal operations.

The GDPR goes a long way in ensuring protection and privacy of user data. An organisation’s third-party partners are also legally obligated to comply with all aspects of the regulation to ensure consistency and true protection for consumers. In practice, organisations should convey their policies and procedures to their third parties and monitor compliance to foster complete protection across all channels of commerce. 

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