Todd Gerstein, our CEO & Founder, will demonstrate Smart Time 5 as he offers up tips and strategies to improve law firm timekeeping.

For a law firm, effective timekeeping is fundamental. If your legacy timekeeping system is difficult to use, lacks functionality, is missing a module, or is simply outdated, your firm’s efficiency—and profitability—can be negatively impacted.

With less than 3 months to go until the new GDPR legislation is in place, light reading on the subject matter is simply not enough to become compliant. That’s why we’ve put together a FREE GDPR webinar, to guide you through the ins and outs of this new law and how intuitive HR software can help.

We’re less than 80 days away from the GDPR compliance deadline and many businesses are still unsure about various aspects surrounding GDPR — especiallywhat’s required and where to start.

If you’re seeking these answers, or want to get to the bottom of what GDPR compliance meets for your business, join our webinar for more insight.

The 30-minute session will take a look at these GDPR questions and address:

Iridium will be hosting an informative webinar highlighting features and benefits of the Matter module Wednesday, March 14 at 3:00 PM GMT. The webinar will be hosted by EMEA Director Fraser Mayfield, and will cover key benefits of the Matter module, including:

Free online seminar for solicitors and other professionals who want more clients and more income. 

The clients and income accelerator: how to get more clients and increase your income in the next 90 days

In this complimentary online seminar you will discover:

CascadeGo is offering a FREE webinar demonstrating how its intuitive HR system can help to relieve admin headaches.

Learn more about how CascadeGo's affordable, cloud-based HR system is empowering employees all over the UK to take care of the tasks that take up so much of HR's time - increasing efficiency across the whole organisation.

As it's a modular system, you only pay for the functionality that’s important to your business - so no paying for stuff you don't need!

NetDocuments is embedding file comparison in its cloud-based document management system. Powered by Workshare Compare Everywhere, users can quickly and accurately compare two files while staying in the NetDocuments User Interface.

Understand more about:

Tikit and Jordans Business Intelligence have teamed up to help P4W users improve their AML procedures. Jordans Business Intelligence is now integrated with Tikit’s P4W case management solution. This provides P4W users with reliable corporate intelligence and the automated capture of company and contact data as part of

How many marketing people amongst us can honestly calculate the ROI that is realised from marketing and BD activity undertaken? Linking marketing activity to money (i.e. new clients and matters) is notoriously difficult.

Measures such as social media engagement and website traffic are great, but do they actually have a material benefit for the firm – the association is a little loose.

Your case management is arriving to your iPad and browser via our new product called Spitfire. DPS Spitfire has been specifically designed for you to utilise the core functions of our case management software from a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

DPS Spitfire is designed to allow your fee earners to record time, create attendance notes, create emails and view file history using all mobile devices.

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